Project Name


Project Partners

ScaleFocus, Norsk Regnesentral (NRS), Foundation Synergia, Adaptor Hjelpemidler


Supported by the Norway Grants 2014-2021, in the frame of the Business Development, Innovation and SMEs Programme Bulgaria


EUR 1 738 370,
Total EUR 600 000 Norway Grants

Project Start

December 2019/ January 2020

Project End

30 April 2022

The project goal is to develop an innovative solution that assists visually impaired and blind people in leading a more independent and active life by using the SoundVision devices for various daily routines.

The SoundVision project will bring the European Union in the forefront of the social innovation map, helping its citizens and eventually everyone with seeing disabilities to live their lives to the fullest.

The project focuses on the development of a technological innovation known as SoundVision: devices crafted to serve specialized needs. They utilize price competitive sensors, compensating with cutting-edge software techniques without compromising the quality of the end user experience. The project envisages the creation of an ecosystem, bringing affordable innovation and the possibility of carefree lifestyle as well as resolving the traditional inconveniences of people with visual challenges. The platform will bring its potential to the hands of developers around the world to create apps helping visually impaired people.

Basic Hardware Device

Hand-held device with pre-installed software, implementing all basic features, allowing it to function autonomously. The device is simple, robust, and price competitive, making it suitable for quick and easy mass market penetration.

Advanced Hardware Device with Software Ecosystem

Bluetooth enabled hand-held device with advanced software logic, sensors, and capabilities. The device collaborates smoothly with Android and iOS apps via BLE connection. The sensor array is exposed to mobile developers enabling them to bring the best possible software experience to the visually impaired and blind people.